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Learn. CyberSafeTT is the Official Learning Academy of the CyberSafeTT Foundation.

Why Learn.

Learn. CyberSafeTT was conceptualize to reach a wider audience through a series of on-demand learning modules and courses on topics related to CyberBullying, Internet Addiction, Phishing, and many more.

Learn Something Every Day

Our programs and courses are available online and on-demand for you to complete at your own page. Join any of our free presentations, browse our YouTube Channel and participate in our online courses and get rewarded with you very own CyberSafeTT Foundation Certificate of Participation.

Daren Dhoray
Digital Anthropologist & Founder
CyberSafeTT Foundation
Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

Learn. CyberSafeTT is the official Online Learning Academy of the CyberSafeTT Foundation.

We have been in the area of knowledge sharing on the topics of Cyber Security, Online Safety and Online Etiquette for over 10 years. Our hands-on experience with audiences of all ages and professions provides us with keen insights into what you need to know to better secure your personal and professional digital assets. Whether you are a Student, a Teacher, Parent or a Business Professional, our courses are tailored to meet your individual needs.
Learn From Industry Leaders

Daren Dhoray have over 10 years of research and lecturing in topics related to CyberSafety

Learn at Your Own Pace

All our courses are online and on-demand and available for you to complete on your schedule

Certification of Participation

You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion with an 80% pass rate of the quizzes